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May 8th, 2012

the Pasturbator

Last night I had this dream about a machine that you could sit in, kind of like one of those old driving video games from the eighties, that had a screen that showed you relevant scenes from your past. It was called 'the Pasturbator.' Of course you know how dreams are hard to explain, and when you try everyone groans inwardly and starts nodding at you while thinking about socks or air conditioner filters or something, so I will not try to convey the whole dream. It was really cool, though.

I've been trying to think on how to turn this into a novel or story. One of those where it's all completely realistic and stuff, except for just one weird unexplained thing. Like maybe the protagonist is all sick of her job, and doing a lot of stupid stuff in her personal life, just being generally self-destructive, and suddenly she stumbles on this machine and somehow uses it to deal with... something. Or maybe she is a psychologist and uses it to unscrupulously treat her patients. I can't figure out what she should DO with this machine, but I know I want to write about it! Any ideas? Or does it sound completely ridiculous? (The machine could also be called 'the Past-urizer' but I like 'Pasturbator' better.)