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This is funny:

Do For Me

"Do for me" is the freelance writing service assist customers to develop their assignments, research papers, thesis and dissertation to meet their needs. We know that you be still struggling with academic work while you are working. We are always here to help you out. we offer our services to college students, undergraduates and post graduates world wide. No matter the level of work but we will prove you the quality of work with the experienced and qualified writing panel.

It's especially clever that they use that Engrish-style syntax so the professor doesn't get suspicious about the higher-than-usual quality of the paper. At least... one would hope that they are doing that on purpose. Otherwise it's just plain sad.

Actually I think it's pretty sad anyway, but as a teacher I do tend to be a little biased in the direction of learning, so perhaps I am not a good source of information in this case.