bollix's Journal

the Dachshund's Sweatpants
6 August 1976
"Thanks for listening to me complain about my cushy, alienated life." --Claire Fisher

"If I kept a diary,
& my parents ever found it,
then you & I-- we would be fired
as their sons & daughters." --Mac McCaughan

"By its nature, a diary is paranoid and self-centered and puts forth what is never a particularly objective view of its writer." --Rita Hao

"I guess that's what you get for being born in the seventies." --the Headphones

".. but I'm afraid I've got more in common
with who I was than who I am becoming." --DC Berman

"I have written pages upon pages
trying to rid you from my bones..." --the Decemberists

"They call it a finger, but I've never seen it fing." --Homer Simpson

"Livin like a bug ain't easy.
I got little tiny bug feet.
I don't really know what bugs eat." --Brendon Small

It's friends-only due to assorted recent negative experiences. I am a teacher, so... well, you can imagine.

On a more positive note, I have lots of lovely smart friends & a nicenice family & an adorable dog & Bill. So I feel lucky.
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